Our teachers are committed and highly trained at all of our Wynwood Learning Center locations. We strive to develop the most well-rounded students and to nurture their inquiring minds.We provide developmentally appropriate experiences, an empowering environment, and responsive teacher-child interaction.

Our center implements the Creative Curriculum. Activities are geared to the children’s chronological age, while allowing adaptations for individual variations in interest, development and experience.


3-12 months

Our infant program is designed for infants 3 to 12 months. We offer low teacher child ratios and our infant curriculum is designed to help them learn and grow in a developmentally appropriate manner. Our nurturing, caring and loving staff helps guide our infants through daily activities that include physical, cognitive and social emotional development. Daily activities include tummy time, crawling, discovering age appropriate toys and going outside to explore the world around us.


12-24 months

Our one year old program is designed for children ages 12 months to 24 months. Children in this age group are curious about the world around them. They are moving more independently and are ready to learn. Our one year old curriculum is designed to develop the children’s cognitive, sensory, physical and emotional development. Daily activities include introduction to small group activities which include art, math and science activities, large group activities which include circle time, music and movement and outside time. Teachers provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational programming in a safe, nurturing child-centered environment that earns the trust of the children and families we serve.


24-36 months

Our two year old program is designed for children ages 24 months to 36 months. Children in this age group begin showing increases in their balance and coordination as well as learning to build relationships, have trust with other, and learn about self-awareness and to control their emotions. Two year old’s also begin to potty train. Our curriculum is designed to help them build relationships with their teachers and peers, master potty training and provide them with a consistent structured schedule. Our curriculum allows for flexibility and allows the children to make choices on what they want to learn and explore. Daily routines include circle time, music and movement, art, science, social studies and outside time.


3 to 4 years old

Our preschool program is designed for children ages 3 to 4 years old. Children in this age group begin to play together and are able to follow routines in a group setting. Activities in the classroom are designed to be both child initiated and teacher directed. Children will learn more through playing as we begin to bring in more of the outside world. Our preschool curriculum is designed to focus on developing cognitive, social and emotional development, language and literacy development; physical skills and d begin our school readiness approach.

Wynwood Learning Centers has helped many families find a joyful and playful place for their children. Our preschool is a caring place where your child can grow, learn and thrive.


4-5 year olds

Our Private Pre-K program is for children ages 4 to 5 years old. It is designed to ensure that these children are prepared for kindergarten. Not only do the children continue to build peer relationships but they develop the pre-academic skills that will help them succeed though out their education. Our curriculum supports the children’s needs to make their own choices in learning but to also allow for teacher guided learning. Small group activities are used to help children develop fine motor skills and begin to write. It is also used to begin pre-reading skills. The classroom is divided in interest areas to give the children multiple opportunities for them to explore and discover.

(*NOTE) Those students that turn 4 before September 1st are eligible to participate in our V.P.K. Program. This is a 3 hour a day State funded initiative that provides a quality Prek-4 education; however, the majority of our students still maintain a full day schedule. 10 WLC is licensed and our staff is trained to teach the standards set forth by the State of Florida. These objectives are proven to prepare all 4 year old students academically and emotionally for the big step into Kindergarten: Emergent Literacy, Math, Scientific thinking, social studies and language are all part of the daily Prek-4 routine.


Our Before and After school program is designed to ensure that working parents have a safe, fun and educational environment for their children to attend. Our program is designed to ensure that the children have time to complete homework; play with friends and twice a week use our video game room.